Announcements (29 Jun 14)

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Jun 292014

Mission Sharing on the Philippines TODAY 11.30 am by Dn. Emmanuel. All are welcome @ Chapel.

Teachers’ Training by CEF on 5/7 and 19/7 for all Sunday school teachers – especially in the Junior Dept. If you are currently teaching or you would like to teach in future, kindly register for this course @$5/= pax. Registration begins TODAY.

In-Conversation has been moved to Sat 13/9 so as to accommodate other church programmes. Please keep the date free.

Combined BP Youth Camp (15-18/12) Sp: Rev. Isaac Ong. May the Lord prepare the youths (16 years – tertiary levels) who would attend this camp.  More details will be available later.

BB/GB: The church is reconsidering the handover of this ministry. Members who are able to help out with the Parade and Christian Education on Fridays, please see Ps. Gan for more details.

Renovation Fund: Members are urged to prayerfully give to this fund.

29 Jun 14 – Living a Joyful Spirit-filled Life

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Jun 292014

Living a Joyful Spirit-filled Life – Rev. (Dr.) Gabriel Gan

There is a broad spectrum of beliefs in evangelical circles about the Spirit-filled life. These beliefs vary from the emotional, demonstrative, Pentecostal-Charismatic movement to the staid, contemplative, Keswick-deeper life movement. There is a multitude of differing beliefs between these two extremes.

Many new Christians and the majority of church members, when thinking about the Holy Spirit in their life, confused by the different viewpoints, choose to ignore the idea of the Spirit-filled life. They live mediocre Christian lives doing the best they can, hoping that God will understand. Except for their church attendance, there is little difference in their lifestyle, their thinking, and their reactions from their unbelieving neighbours. The reason that most Christians are so ineffective and burned-out with so many problems is that they do not have the knowledge about the Holy Spirit and what He can do in their lives.

The focus of the coming AF Retreat is to explain the secret of how to be filled with the Spirit and how to daily walk in the Spirit, having a joyful, Spirit-filled life of service, lived to the glory of God. Our study will emphasize important, biblical beliefs about the Spirit-filled life based only on the authority of the Word of God rather than on experience.

Most Christians realize that the Holy Spirit indwells them at the time they receive Christ, and most experience the joy of the Holy Spirit at that time, but few Christians benefit from the power, guidance, and fruit of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. Most would like to be filled with the Holy Spirit and daily walk in the Spirit, but they do not know how to go about it. Our study explains the three phases of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life – as shown in the table below:


Receiving the Holy Spirit


Filling of the Holy Spirit

Daily Action

Walking in the Holy Spirit

The individual acts as a result of the Holy Spirit’s conviction Repents and believesReceives Christ



Surrenders sins

Abandons self and yieldsIdentifies with Christ


Surrenders life

Confesses, denies self, and obeysAbides in Christ 


Surrenders self

The Holy Spirit reacts as a result of God’s grace EntersGives joy Takes full possessionProduces fruit Is renewedGives power and guidance for service

If you desire to learn more about “Living a Joyful Spirit-filled Life,” join us in the Adults’ Fellowship Retreat from 16-18 August, 2014. For more information, please see Bro. James Goh or Sister Li Jin.

Announcements (22 Jun 14)

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Jun 222014

Session Meeting TODAY at 1.30 pm. in the Conference Room.

Gospel Meeting (Sun 28/6 @ 6.30pm): Topic – Making Sense When Life is Unfair. Speaker – Rev. Gabriel Gan. Please use the invitation card (placed at the foyer) to invite your relatives and friends to the meeting. Let us share the good news with them. The meeting will start with a buffet dinner in the Fellowship Hall and then the message will be presented in the Sanctuary. Please let us pray for the Lord of the harvest to enable us to do this work together.

Teachers’ Training by CEF on 5/7 and 19/7 for all Sunday school teachers – especially in the Junior Dept. More details in the Sunday School Notice Board. If you are currently teaching or you would like to teach in future, kindly register for this course. Registration begins NEXT Sunday.

Mission Sharing on the Philippines next Sunday 29/6 11.30 am by Dn. Emmanuel. All are welcome @ Chapel.

In-Conversation has been moved to Sat 13/9 so as to accommodate other church programmes. Please keep the date free.

Renovation Fund: Members are urged to prayerfully give to this fund.  

22 Jun 14 – Missionary Imperative and Responsibility

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Jun 222014

Missionary Imperative and Responsibility

By Eld. Sim Chee Seng

I. Missionary Imperative

The message of the Bible is intended for all men. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible speaks of the divine reaching out to save a lost mankind. God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to seek and to save those who are lost, whosoever they may be. Just as the Lord Jesus Christ was sent, so Christians are called upon to seek out the lost and to present them with the Gospel that they be saved. This is the very essence of missions.

Why do missions?

The obvious answer is that it is commanded by our Lord. We have been given a commission to tell men about the Lord Jesus Christ. (See Mt 28:18-29, John 20:21 and Acts 1:8). All men without Christ are lost forever. The only way by which they can be saved is through saving faith in Jesus Christ. (See Rom 3:23, Rom 3:19 and Acts 4:12). Our relationship to our Lord compels us to witness for Him. Even without speaking a word, the Christian is a walking epistle of God.

II. Missionary Responsibility

Missions is the task of the Church at large. It is not limited to those who are called to full time service or the selected few gifted in evangelism. Another false idea about missions is to separate the home field from the foreign field. The truth is, with God, the field is the world. A great preacher once commented “the world is my parish!” Wherever men live without Christ, that is the mission field.

Biblical injunctions

A. We must tell them of our Saviour.

Rom 10:13-15 states very clearly that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How can the lost hear the good news and come to a saving faith if we do not go and share with them the Gospel? Do you know how to do it? Are you willing to do it?

B. Every Christian must be a witness for Jesus Christ.

Acts 8:1-4 mentioned about the persecution of the infant Church at Jerusalem. The young Christians were scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria. When they were scattered abroad, they went everywhere preaching the word of God. The rank & file of believers (not only the Apostles) were involved in evangelism. Every believer became a missionary wherever he or she happened to be driven. Are you faithful in fulfilling the great commission?

C. Go ye into the world.

The Bible demands that the gospel be taken to the whole world. (See Mk 16:15, Lk 24:47, and Acts 1:8). The task is to reach the world, all men everywhere. No geographical areas, nations or tribes are to be excluded. We are not told how long, how intensive or how extensive the missionary effort shall be. We are not told to what bounds it must reach before the work of testimony is complete. We do not have answers to these questions. But we have the assurance the He is the Lord of the harvest and He has sent us to bring in the sheaves. He will be with us always even unto the end of the age.

Let us go forth then to evangelize to all nations in view of the imminent return of our Lord. (Mt 24:14). Let us hasten the coming of our Lord by busying ourselves with the most important mission of the Church, that of getting the Gospel out to every creature.

III. New Life Gospel Meeting on 28 June

New Life BP Church will be having a Gospel Meeting on the 28 June 2014. May all New Lifers participate fully in this great enterprise

(1)   by praying for Rev Gan who will be giving the message,

(2)   by praying for the salvation of friends & loved ones,

(3)   by bringing someone to the meeting,

(4)   by offering to serve in the various ministries – ushering, counseling, PA crew etc.

May all New Lifers step forward and support this important event. May the Lord grant us a good harvest of souls as New Lifers work in unison to fulfill the great commission. May all glory and praise redound to His blessed Name. Amen.


Announcements (15 Jun 14)

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Jun 152014

Blessed Father’s Day: The Session wishes all fathers in our midst a blessed father’s day.

Session Meeting is postponed to 22/6 at 1.30 pm. in the Conference Room.

Gospel Meeting (Sun 28/6 @ 6.30pm): Please use the invitation card in the Newsline (more at the foyer if you need) to invite your relatives and friends to the meeting. Let us share the good news with them. The meeting will start with a light dinner and then the message will be presented in the Sanctuary. Please let us pray for the Lord of the harvest to enable us to do this work together.

Gospel Meeting Counsellors: If you are able to help as a Counsellor, please come for the briefing at 12.30pm (after Sunday School) today at the Chapel.

Wedding of Bro. Gilbert Foo and Sis. Marie Seah on Sat 21 June 11 am @ Hort Park, Multi-Purpose Hall. May the Lord grant them a wonderful wedding and may He guide the couple into a blessed marriage. Please pray for them.

Love gifts: Members are urged to prayerfully give in support of the following:

  • Parents’ Appreciation Night
  • Church Camp
  • Renovation Fund

15 Jun 14 – Walk in Him: Colossians 2:6

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Jun 152014

Walk in Him: Colossians 2:6

By Pr. William Goh

Introduction: The Apostle Paul is concerned with every Christian’s spiritual walk. Before our conversion, we think about our well-being in life. We want a good life that gives us the freedom to make our own decisions. We want to be physically active and healthy. We aim to be good at things that are important to us and be effective in the world. But how do we walk in this life after receiving Christ as Lord?

Before his conversion, Paul was a persecutor of the Christians as he believed in God but for him then, Jesus was not the Messiah. He was taught to keep the law as this means he was fulfilling his religious duties. On the way to Damascus to persecute the Christians, he obtained mercy and was saved and converted by the Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of our Lord he received Christ as his Lord and Saviour. (1 Tim.1:12)

Col 2:6 says, “As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him.” Beloved, without identification of Jesus, we cannot connect ourselves with God. There were false teachers troubling the Colossian church with claims that Jesus was not the Son of God. They taught that certain things had to be added to faith for salvation. As a result, they moved their hearers and converts away from Christ. They walked in their own ways and believed another Jesus. (2 Cor. 11:4) Dear brethren, if we are not strong in our faith, we will be persuaded by the false teachers.

In Chapter 1 of Colossians, Paul tells us the preeminence of Christ that He is the firstborn of all creation and the head of the church. He is prophet, priest and king. He is the Christ, the Messiah or the Anointed One. He came into the world to take away the sin of the world. Those who believe in the Son has eternal life and those who reject the Son will not see life. For the Christians, Jesus is Lord and Saviour.  Since you know the preeminence of Christ, walk in Christ so that others may see Christ in you and believe in the gospel. There are four steps to consider in the walk in Christ.

1) Walk in the light. Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. (John 8:12) When Christ comes into our hearts, we will know Him intimatey through God’s Word which is the lamp of our feet and the light of our path. The light will light up the believer’s heart when he walks in the path of God’s way so that he rejoices in his soul and glorify God. We need Christ’s light to illumine our consciences, our minds, and our hearts.  We need to be able to see the sins and faults that lie within us so that we may ask the Lord to help us to remove them.

2) Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. (Col. 4:5) The phase “them that are without” refers to those who are outside the family of God. “Redeeming the time” means we waste no time but seize every opportunity to witness Christ to the lost who are perishing. We must make haste to share the gospel. In sharing the gospel, Christians are to be wise in our conduct towards the unbelievers.  We are to be compassionate and humble in spirit, loving, caring, kind, gentle, and patient. If we are not careful in our words or conduct, it would be difficult for Christians to share the gospel. We must be careful not to do anything foolish that would jeopardize our testimony. Christians must examine themselves whether their conduct is consistent with the Bible because the Christian represents the gospel to the unbelievers. We have the responsibility to help them to see the gospel in good light.

3) Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. (Gal. 5:16) When a person has received Christ, he is a new creation. He is been indwelt by the Holy Spirit who is able to give him the ability to do good works, not by himself but wholly from the Spirit of Christ. John Calvin, the late 16th century reformer, has this to say, “Everything good in us comes from the Holy Spirit.”  The works of the flesh or the lust of the flesh are in the unbelievers who are habitually doing wicked things.  If a professing Christian behaves in this manner, then his salvation is in question. Christians must learn to walk in the Holy Spirit and allow the Sprit to nurture him for this is the process of sanctification. By following the Spirit through the teaching and obeying of His word, giving thanks to Him in all things, confessing sins to God and asking Him for forgiveness, the fruit of the Sprit will replace the works of the flesh. Let us walk every day in the fullness of the Holy Spirit who is given to us for this purpose.

4) For we walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Cor. 5:7) Here Paul is instructing the Christian that we should have faith. Faith which is seen is not faith. (Heb.11:1) As followers of Christ, we must not build our lives pursuing the things of the world. For this is faith in the material things rather than God. The pursuit of money will never end as people are never contented. (Prov. 27:20) Christian must instead choose to ‘walk by faith” and be in pursuit of God’s word.

In conclusion, brethren, we ought to know Christ more and grow in Him more because we have already received Him. We ought to pray more, and read His Bible more. We ought to spend more time in Bible study and come under sound teaching more. Be thankful for what Christ did for us. While we are living on earth, we should walk in the light, walk in wisdom, walk in the Spirit and walk by faith. By our testimony we hope to bring those outside the kingdom of Christ to come and know Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour.

Announcements (08 Jun 14)

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Jun 082014

NLBPC Church Camp 2014: Dates: 11-14 June (Wed – Sat) @Tanjong Puteri. If you have registered for the camp, please stay back for the camp briefing after the worship service today.

Gospel Meeting (Sun 28/6 @ 6.30pm): Please pray about inviting your relatives and friends to the meeting. Let us share the good news with them. The meeting will start with a light dinner and then the message will be presented in the Sanctuary. We need Counsellors –   kindly see the pastor if you would like to help. Please let us pray for the Lord of the harvest to enable us to do this work together.

Session Meeting is postponed to 22/6 at 1.30 pm. in the Conference Room.

Love gifts: Members are urged to prayerfully give to support the following:

  • Parents’ Appreciation Night
  • Church Camp
  • Renovation Fund

Lost and Found: Have you left behind your Bible or a pair of sunglasses/ reading glasses in the pews? Please check with the collection of Lost and Found items in the church office.

Wedding of Bro. Gilbert Foo and Sis. Marie Seah on Sat 21 June 11 am @ Hort Park, Multi-Purpose Hall. May the Lord grant them a wonderful wedding and may He guide the couple into a blessed marriage. Please pray for them.

New Adults SS Topic (started last Sunday): “Created for His Glory” (by Dr. Jim Berg, facilitated by Pastor Gan). Despair is epidemic today, even among believers. “Created for His Glory” paints an exhilarating picture of the contentment that comes from seeing God’s Purpose for Redeeming Your Life. Study the same truths that thrilled the hearts of first-century saints as they lived and suffered for Christ in a pagan, affluent culture – truths that will replace despair with unspeakable joy! All are invited to join this class.

08 Jun 14 – 17 May NLBPC In-Conversation Report

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Jun 082014

Meeting Report for NLBPC In-Conversation on 17 May 2014

By Bro. Sky Yeo and Sis Dorothy Tan

conversationmay14The year’s second In-conversation was held on 17 May 2014 from 4-6pm in NLPBC fellowship hall. The turnout for the event was consistent with the last In Conversation. A total of about 61 church members turned up this time: 40 from the English Congregation, 18 from Chinese and 3 from Tamil. This meeting provides the opportunity to spend more time to answer questions raised by members that were not apt for discussion at the ACM. It is hoped that the In-conversation will promote more communication and understanding of needs between the church leaders and members. (Attendance & photo – contributed by Bro. Henry Lim and Sis. Su Pei Lin)

Rev. Lim Chee Boon led the singspiration with the hymns “All that Thrills My Soul” and “Jesus is All the World to me”. After which, Rev. Gabriel Gan prayed for the meeting. Ps. Lim continued with an exhortation from Ezra 9: 1-4. He challenged New Lifers to deal with sins in our own lives even as we work to strengthen the church. He reminded us that everyone in the church is important in the building up of the church. We all need to start now. He also stressed the importance of forgiveness.

Ps. Lim precluded the start of the actual conversation session with the following ground rules:

  1. Consider one another (Hebrews10:24)
  2. Provoke one another into service- edification (Hebrews 10:24)
  3. Promote unity (Ephesians 4:15-16)
  4. Maintain orderliness (1 Corinthians 14:40)
  5. Glorify God (1 Corinthians 10:31)


The actual In-Conversation was conducted in a Question and Answer (Q&A) manner with questions pre-compiled and circulated by Ps. Lim a week before, and on the actual day, new questions were added. The Q&A is summarized below:

Question 1: Can we see an improvement in the way we praise God during our worship service? I wonder if the way we are praising God is what we will see in heaven. Where is the life in our praise? New Life or no life?

Ps. Gan responded that he wished to talk to the person who raised this question to clarify on what improvement in worship he or she hoped for. He read from Revelation 4:1-11 which gives us a glimpse of how worship is like in heaven. He reiterated the 3 principles of the essence of worship:

1)     True worship focuses on the RIGHT person (Trinity God).

2)     True worship accomplishes the RIGHT purpose – giving God glory.

3)     True worship conforms to the RIGHT pattern – we should “worship in spirit and in truth” (Jn 4: 22-23). Worship is about God and not about us!

Question 2: It seems that there are quite a few plans and upcoming initiatives to energize the church. But I would like to enquire if it is possible to explain the PROBLEMS that the church is facing. We need to be clear and explain the challenges New Life faces, so as to create a concerted effort to deal with our main problems.

Ps. Lim shared the needs for continuity in God’s work through our faithfulness and steadfastness. Frequently it is easy to start something but one can as easily quit the work. An example is Amazing Grace, the devotional book project, which is a good initiative.  We had series 1 and 2 and our members have said that they have benefited from it, and requested for series 3.  However, the initiator has left and others cannot follow through. He also stressed the importance of initiative and the willingness to give your best to the LORD. We must be united and do our part. He encouraged us to be focused on serving God and desiring His Presence.

Question 3: It would be good to provide members via Newsline with updates on pertinent things discussed during session meetings. Updates can inform members on progress in areas such as constructive developments, planning of overseas mission trips, and renovation works. It is good also to include testimonies of our members. This will foster our unity in the church.

Dn. Ivan Lim felt that the best platform to know about our church development is at the prayer meetings and he encouraged members to attend the Wed. Nights prayer meetings.  Dn. Ivan also pointed out that not all information can be shared openly. Even if the knowledge is shared, will members be willing to contribute? For example, he noted that although members were informed of the dates of the Mission trips, few joined the mission teams.

Question 4: Is it possible to make known the different committees in church so that people in church know who to contact (e.g. maintenance matters)? Can such info be put in website or in more accessible media?

Ps. Lim informed us that the organizational chart – once it is ready – will be put up on the notice board. The Church, however, is careful not to disclose such info to the public on the website as it does not concern people who are not members of our church.

Question 5: Bro. Sky Yeo asked:  “To the exiting session members, what are the most rewarding fruits and painful lesson that new life church and session went through and how we can learn from it and in what ways do better for The Lord with the next incoming session?” (verbatim)

Ps. Lim noted that there are no existing session members with us and therefore we are not able to answer this question. It may be more pertinent to ask new session members to share how they can contribute.

Question 6: Bro. Sky Yeo asked:  “What is New Life BPC’s stand on the role of NBC according to the church session and BOE? Apparently the neighbourhood bible Communities name seems to be outdated and in dire need to have a new name and align to church them goal as well as renew way of organizing to support church convergence to do less for more. Can you elaborate on that?” (verbatim)

Eld. Sim answered this question by giving us the historical background to the neighbourhood bible communities (or NBCs).  In 1992 Rev Patrick Tan started the NBC for those staying in the same neighbourhood. The objectives are: 1) to encourage members to grow spiritually 2) to provide care for members – it is like a safety net. 3) to align members with the church mission. The NBC is like a small church where the fellowship is warm. Eld. Sim felt the NBC has met its purpose even though some groups have come and gone and a few groups are struggling. Many years ago, membership roll was defined by regions/zones and the groups were distributed among the elders. But this did not take off as many elders were professionals and had to travel often and therefore were unable to meet on a regular basis.

There are now 5 NBCs: Bukit Timah, New Woodlands, Yishun, Marsiling and Northwest. Although they are similar in structure with one person as the facilitator, the programme is fine-tuned to suit its members.

Eld. Sim believes in the small group ministry – it is key to the spiritual growth in the church.  The leaders should participate in NBCs so as to set the example for church members. He shared the story of a pastor who trained the leaders of each group.  When the authorities arrested the pastor, the church did not collapse. Instead each small group sprouted into a new church, and thus forming many churches. There is no way a pastor can minister to all the members. In the case of our Lord Jesus Christ, we see that He focus on teaching the 12 disciples. Similarly in fellowship groups and NBCs, we should focus on discipleship.

In conclusion, Ps. Lim felt the need to allocate time to discuss the role of NBCs specifically.

Question 7: Bro. Sky Yeo asked:  “I would like to know the procedure on how our new comers to new life BPC being led to spiritual follow up and tied up with ROF and ushering ministry to ensure a good follow up for our outreach. (on the side note if I am a new comer to new life. I have a feeling of not very welcome enough and lost in what to do next like where is Sunday school venue and lesson or NBC to join?” (verbatim)

Eld. Sim answered  that previously, we have a Befrienders Group and the Follow-Up group. However, these groups were not sustained for long.  The Church needs a group of Chua Beng Hai and Dorothy Tan! Bro. Beng Hai and Sis. Dorothy are people with the zeal and passion to reach out. We need to see how the NBC or a New Believer follow-up group can take up this role.

Question 8: Why is there no appointment of new Elders for this election?

Ps. Lim explained that our 3 deacons from English congregation were nominated and they are qualified for the appointment of elders. It was however not appropriate to have too many elders and only a few deacons. The BOE typically comprises the pastors and elders. In the present BOE, we have 2 elders and 2 pastors, (pending Ps. Gan’s election, he will be included later).  If the 3 deacons are made elders, then the BOE would have 7 elders. Hence, it seemed best to keep the 3 deacons in their present roles which are important roles in our church.

Question 9: Bro. Joel Pang raised the following questions:

1)     Is there a need to look into why members left the church?

Ps. Lim’s answer: There is about 10-15% of members leaving the church. Currently we have about 258 members. There are however many regular worshippers but they are not members. There were some members who left last year due to the issue over the VPI/VPP stand but the number is not significant. Ps. Lim expressed that the concern should be for those who left and don’t go to church at all. But as far as we know those who leave our church are worshipping elsewhere.

2)     Recently there were a few pulpit messages where the minister mentioned erroneous teaching. Can we talk not talk about the deficiency in other churches? Instead should we be more focus on what NLBPC is doing right?

Ps. Lim answered that it is important to point out false teaching and it is the role of the local pastors to warn their members so that the members become more discerning. He affirmed that the approach is not divisive as the concern is to protect the flock from wrong teachings.

3)     Should there be a platform for the new leaders to present themselves and articulate what they plan to do? In this way, members can vote for their leaders based on merit?

Pastor Lim shared that some changes are being made like the recent structural flow introduced by Bro. Ronnie Pang as the Election Co-ordinator in the recent ACM election.

Question 10: There were two matters arising from the ACM 2014:

1)     Locking in the church savings for redevelopment and land lease renewal

2)     Appointment of 2 new church trustees.

Why were members not informed in advance and why were these two items not included in the agenda for ACM?

Eld. Prasad explained that land prices will rise over the years. The BOE felt need to take this precautionary measure of locking in our reserves so as to benefit the future generation when the land lease for our church runs out in 30 years time.

He informed us that the Church needs at least 2 trustees. At the time just before the ACM, we must have 2 trustees: Eld. Tsao and Eld. Sim. But Eld. Tsao was to tell us whether he would remain in our church and he had not done so by the time of the ACM. It was thus felt that there was need to add two other names at that ACM. This was so as to avoid calling an ECM later.

Bro. Kok Whye raised the point that this sort of last-minute way of doing things is not fair to members especially since the Constitution requires a two-week notice for any change of trustees. It is not good to set precedence in the way these matters were handled.

Eld. Prasad agreed and in future, sufficient notice will be given. He pointed out that the fund has been put aside in an account for future lease renewal and no money has left the church. The BOE thought they could just enforce this but the auditors pointed out the need to get the members’ approval. In order to avoid delay and the need for an ECM, these two matters were put to the members at the last ACM for their approval.

Dn. Yap shared from Heb. 12:23 and exhorted us to remember that it is God who chooses the men. We are not perfect but the verse tells us of “just men made perfect” and he reminded us that Perfection is of the Spirit’s work of sanctification. Management principles may fail. But God does not fail.

Question 11:  This question was sent in by Bro. Justin Gumapon. “Based on Article 19.3.2 on congregational meetings, it says: “At such Meeting the church session shall report on the spiritual and temporal condition of the congregation and announce plans of the coming year.” From the recent ACM, much focus was given to the temporal conditions of the congregation i.e. finance matters rather than the spiritual condition of the congregation. Although there were Stewardship Reports, most reported only the activities done. My question is: Are we being objective in the assessment of ourselves as a church based on Article 3, the objects of the church and the church theme of last year: “My family, My Church, Together Serving Till Jesus comes”? If we have fallen short or have not met the mark, is there not a need for us as a church to humble ourselves and confess and turn away from our wicked ways just as our theme this year requires us to do? (2nd Chron 7:14) If we are to move forward, what are the objectives we as a church have to meet this year so we can truly say we have done our best for Jesus in 2014 when we assess ourselves again as a church in 2015?” (verbatim)

As there was not enough time that day, Ps. Lim proposed having another In-conversation session to give fair treatment to this last question. Rev. Gan will follow up this matter. The next In-Conversation was tentatively fixed on 16 August (but it was noted that the AF would be having their retreat on that date and therefore it will probably be moved to 23/8).

Ps. Lim thanked the members for turning up and encouraged members to participate in the next In-Conversation.      

Announcements (01 Jun 14)

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Jun 012014

J.O.Y. Sunday: All youths Sec 1 upwards are welcome to this youth programme @ the Chapel 11.30am. Today’s topic is: Seven Discourses – The Water of Life (John 4: 1 – 42)

NLBPC Church Camp 2014: Dates: 11-14 June (Wed – Sat) @Tanjong Puteri. Theme: A Study of Faith and Forgiveness: The Life of Joseph Speaker: Rev. Gabriel Gan. Fees: Adults $250, Students & Senior Citizens (=>60yrs) $180, and Children (4-10 years) $140. Camp fees will be collected TODAY.

Gospel Meeting (Sun 28/6 @ 6.30pm): Please pray about inviting your relatives and friends to the meeting. Let us share the good news with them. The meeting will start with a light dinner and then the message will be presented in the Sanctuary. We need Counsellors –   kindly see the pastor if you would like to help. Please let us pray for the Lord of the harvest to enable us to do this work together.

Sunbeam Choir – there is no practice today. Practice will resume next Sunday at 10.45am.

Renovation of the church office (Level 2) will begin after the church camp. Hence the staff will be relocated wef 6 June to the room behind the present office.

Love gifts: Members are urged to prayerfully give to support the following:

  • Parents’ Appreciation Night
  • Church Camp
  • Renovation Fund

01 Jun 14 – Be a born again Christian

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Jun 012014

Be a born again Christian

By Eld. Prasad       

What does it mean to be a born-again Christian? The answer to this question is found in John 3:1-21. The Lord Jesus Christ is talking to Nicodemus, a prominent Pharisee and member of the Sanhedrin, at night as Nicodemus had come to Lord Jesus with some questions.

The Lord Jesus said to Nicodemus that no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again. Nicodemus asked the Lord Jesus how a man can be born when he is old and surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother’s womb to be born again. The Lord Jesus answered, except a man is born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. The Lord Jesus emphasized: “Ye must be born again” (John 3: 3-7).

The phrase “born again” literally means “born from above.” Nicodemus had a real need. He needed a change of his heart, or a spiritual transformation. New birth or being born again, is an act of God whereby eternal life is imparted to the person who believes (2 Corinthians 5:17).  Being “born again” also means “becoming a child of God” through faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why does a person need to be born again? The apostle Paul in Ephesians 2:1, “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins”. To the Romans, he wrote, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). We, sinners are spiritually “dead”; when we receive spiritual life through faith in Christ, the Bible likens it to a rebirth. Only those who are born again have their sins forgiven and have a relationship with God

Ephesians 2:8-9 says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and this not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. When one is saved, he/she is born again, spiritually renewed, and is now a child of God by right of a new birth. Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty of sin when He died on the cross, is the means to be “born again.” And 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

If you have never trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour, will you listen and respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart? You need to be born again. Will you pray the prayer of repentance and become a new creation in Christ today? John 1:12-13 says, “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, not of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

If you want to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour and be born again, say this simple prayer. Remember, saying this prayer or any other prayer will not save you. It is only trusting in Christ that can save you from sin. This prayer is simply a way to express to God your faith in Him and thank Him for providing for your salvation. “God, I know that I have sinned against you and am deserving of punishment. But the Lord Jesus Christ took the punishment that I deserve so that through faith in Him I could be forgiven. I place my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Thank You for Your wonderful grace and forgiveness, the gift of eternal life! Amen!”