Announcements (23 Feb 14)

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Feb 232014

Congratulations to Bro. Chiang Wee and Sis. Angela on their wedding yesterday. May the Lord bless the couple as they set up a Christ-centred home.

ACM Election: Thank God for appointment of

  • Election Co-ordinator: Bro. Ronnie Pang
  • Election Returning Officers: Eld. Douglas Ho and Eld. John Leong – both from Tabernacle BP Church

The new candidates for the position of deacon and deaconess will be introduced to the Congregation this morning by the Election Co-ordinator.

Combined Youth Programme (15/3): This is for the youths of all three congregations. The registration continues and will close on 9/3.

CCTV in the Church: For Information – There are two CCTVs put in by the Church Kindergarten – one is in the Music Room and the other at the staircase area nearest the kitchen.

23 Feb 14 – A Report on New Life In-Conversation

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Feb 232014

A Report on New Life In-Conversation held on 15 Feb 2014

By Bro. Lim Chin Hong

The fellowship began with the singing of 3 hymns and prayer by Rev. Gan. Pastor Lim was the moderator of this programme and he shared on the Year of the Horse. Days before the Chinese New Year, many newspaper articles predicted 2014 to be a good year. However, the New Year began with natural disasters in some parts of the world. No one knows how this year will turn out. Yes, we do not know about tomorrow, but we know who holds tomorrow. Our confidence and hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Lim read to us Psalm 20:7 – “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.”

He then told the story behind the US dollar bill having the tag line: “In God We Trust”. We are familiar with the name “Mayflower” – this was the name of the ship that took a group of Christian Pilgrims from England to the United States. They left because of persecution and the volatile political environment in England at that time. By the time they arrived in US, half the number of people on board the ship had died of diseases. When they came on land, they were confronted by hostile people. Despite their ordeal and traumatic experiences, these survivors did not lose hope as they trusted in God. This is why these 4 words: “In God We Trust” were printed on the American dollar notes.

Pastor Lim proceeded to lay the ground rules for this dialogue fellowship:

  1. Consider one another (Hebrews10:24)
  2. Provoke one another into service- edification (Hebrews 10:24)
  3. Promote unity (Ephesians 4:15-16)
  4. Maintain orderliness (1 Corinthians 14:40)
  5. Glorify God (1 Corinthians 10:31)

Since there was no questions submitted prior to this fellowship, Pastor Lim then handed out some blank papers for members to send in questions.  The church leaders would answer all questions concerning the church and her work to the best of their knowledge. Pastor Lim entreated the members to be gracious in accepting the answers. Some answers may not be completely satisfactorily due to sensitivity and others may need further data references.

While waiting for the questions, Pastor Lim discussed the criteria in the nomination of candidates for the Election of Session Members. He highlighted particularly the section on New Life specifics:

1.  In nominating someone for candidacy the person should have maturity both in spirituality and age.  The other consideration is his ability and continuity to function and serve. Therefore a guide of an age between 30 and 65 is determined.  Members should remember this is only a guide and the condition begins with the words: “Be preferably.”

2.  Points 2-7 were clarified or discussed, and these are quite clear in themselves.

Pastor Lim then opened to the floor to ask question on the criteria for leadership:

Question 1: Is there a screening process? How do you define attending meeting consistently?

Elder Prasad shared that the BOE reviewed every nomination carefully, and also ensured the exercise is not a popularity contest. The leadership is constantly looking for people with commitment.

Question 2:  All the criteria listed are stated as “must.”  Does it mean that only those that met all the 7 criteria qualify?

The short answer is “yes.”  Pastor Lim explained the importance of these criteria and the BOE thought through them carefully and extensively.  He took one criterion as example:  the candidate must attend worship service and prayer meeting regularly.  The bottom line of this condition is whether the person is not able to or he does not want to attend these meetings. If the person does not want to, then he is automatically disqualified.

The Q&A – the questions were collected and the pastors and Elder Prasad took turns answering the questions.

Question: What is the succession plan of the Church?

Pastor Gan answered the first question on leadership succession.  He shared his plan on “discipleship.” Succession of leadership is part of his pastoral responsibility and he has made it one of his key goals.  He hopes to retire at age 65 or 67, and if God is willing, he would prepare a new generation of leaders for NLBPC.  Pastor Gan also made an observation of New Life having too many activities and therefore lacked focus. He borrowed a phrase from MOE – “teach less, learn more”.  He would be sharing this matter with the church leaders. He would make some recommendations for changes after meeting with the leadership.

Question: Why is there a lack of transparency in information and sharing concerning church matters?

Pastor Lim mentioned that some information is sensitive and cannot be shared prematurely. For example, the BOE may delay releasing news of staff resignation as they may need time to persuade the person to stay behind. Once such information becomes public, there will almost be no chance of retaining the person. Pastor Lim shared that Pr Lek’s case was a good example: his departure was announced 3 weeks before his last day and the church organized a farewell for him. The session also gave their blessings as he had gone to start another ministry, which was always his desire.

In moving forward, Pastor Lim felt that the In-Conversation fellowship meeting is a good platform for sharing some of these sensitive topics, because the Newsline is far from ideal as a platform. For example, some members objected to having their “news or phone numbers” posted, and we have to respect their point of view.

Question: Can we be informed about renovation of the church?

Pastor Lim said, “Yes, if it is major, the church will need ACM or ECM for approval.” For any feedback concerning church maintenance, members are to contact the Maintenance Committee: Dn. Ivan Lim, Bro. Steve Tan, Bro. Seow Thiam Lok (Chinese Cong.) and Bro. Chew Teck Hin (English Cong.)

Moreover it will be good to announce in the Newsline or on the Church Bulletin whenever a committee is formed so that members are informed. They will also know who the Committee members are. This will be the practice.

Question: Our worshipping or praising God is solemn. Is this the kind of  worship we will see in heaven?

Pastor Nathan said that our form of worship is focus on the Biblical teaching. We emphasize more on scripture and not the emotional outpouring preferred in charismatic churches. It will be difficult to share in a short interval on the theology of worship. Pastor Gan added that in fact, he will be starting a new series on the theology of Worship.

Question: Could we have a younger pastor to understudy Ps Gan for succession planning?

Pastor Gan answered, “Absolutely!” He requested that we please let him have the contacts or names of any potential young pastors.

Question for Pastor Lim: Are you returning to serve after your sabbatical?

Pastor Lim said, “Yes”! He is going on leave 1 June 2014 and returning on 30 May 2015. He will attend a course in BJU on counselling and will also take up some short courses in the summer before the actual programme began.

Question: There seem to be a lot of initiatives being launched. Can we share the problems or challenges we are facing?

Pastor Lim explained that all the activities for 2014 were actually planned in July 2013 during a staff retreat. For example, this year’s Combined youth seminar is a follow-on from the youth programme at last year’s church camp. About 40 youths were present at that youth programme. We are expecting 70 youths from the 3 congregations at this year’s Combined youth programme.

The difficulties the church faced are that we cannot agree with everything that congregational members wanted. However, we can learn to sometime agree to disagree and have the grace to accept differences in areas that may not be too controversial.

Question: We are not addressing the concerns of people who are emotionally hurt or have serious relationship issues. Do we have a leadership support structure to take care of these people?

Elder Prasad mentioned that in such issues, the person usually needed privacy and so it is normally the leader who has exclusive knowledge of the problem. It is good for the leader to ask permission from the person regarding a request to share with the leaders of the church. Thereby, it will be easier to facilitate communication across the session members. Elder Prasad thinks that the NBC is really set up for a smaller grouping to stay close and trust each other enough to handle such sensitive relationship issues and also to support the person. Elder Prasad thanked God for Pastor Gan who is well equipped in this area, as he is a trained counsellor. Finally, Elder Prasad encouraged that the answer is still in prayer, and he is encouraged by the increased number turning up at our Wednesday nights prayer meeting, and hoped that more members will bring their issues to the Almighty God.

The meeting ended with two questions which remained unanswered because of the lack of time. Pastor Lim will follow up in the next round of In Conversation on 17 May.

Before the closing prayer by Elder Sim Chee Seng, Pastor Lim highlighted the coming events of the church and mission trips:

  1. English Youth Fellowship 29th Anniversary on 22 Feb 2014 at 3.30 pm (Event Completed)
  2. Combined Youth Seminar on 15 March 2-7 pm in Church.  This programme aims to bring our youth from the 3 congregations together to interact, connect and to study topics relevant to their needs today.
  3. Mission Trips 2014:
  • China:              13-21 Feb 2014 (Event Completed)
  • India:               24-29 March and 13-18 October 2014
  • Cambodia:      10-13 November 2014
  • Philippines:      1-10 December 2014
  1. Church Camp 2014 will be held in Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort from 11-14 June 2014
  2. English Gospel Meeting on 28 June 2014


The Board of Elders had met with all the nominees and the following people will be standing for Election on 27 April 2014:

  • Rev. Lim Chee Boon for the position of Pastor
  • Rev. S. V. Nathan for the position of Pastor
  • Elder Sivaraj Prasad for the position of Elder
  • Elder Sim Chee Seng for the position of Elder
  • Deacon Tan Wee Boon for the position of Deacon
  • Deacon Ivan Lim for the position of Deacon
  • Deacon Yap Chee Kian for the position of Deacon
  • Deacon Tan Cheng Teck for the position of Deacon
  • Deacon William Lee for the position of Deacon
  • Deacon Hubert Leni for the position of Deacon
  • Bro. Ronnie Tan Soon Bin for the position of Deacon
  • Bro. Emmanuel Gumapon for the position of Deacon
  • Sis. K Indravathy for the position of Deaconess
  • Sis. Dorcas Chionh for the position of Deaconess

Elder Tow Siang Yeow, Preacher William Goh and Deacon Thomas Tan will be stepping down from Session for the new term 2014-2017. The church would like to thank them for their faithful service for the many years they were in the Session.  May the Lord guide them in their future service for Him.

Announcements (16 Feb 14)

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Feb 162014

Session Meeting: TODAY at 1.30 pm. in the Conference Room.

Children’s Choir: Practices start today. Parents, please encourage your children to serve the Lord early. Please pray for Sis. Mei Hwa as she co-ordinates this ministry.

Car Decal: Please submit your application for a car decal by TODAY.

YF 30th Anniversary Sat 22/2 3.30pm @ Chapel. All fellowship groups kindly send fraternity greetings. Dinner provided. All are welcome.

Combined Youth Programme (15/3): This is for the youths of all three congregations. The registration begins TODAY.

16 Feb 14 – Be Thou exalted, O God

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Feb 162014

Be Thou exalted, O God

For thy mercy is great unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds.

Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: let thy glory be above all the earth.

Psalm 57:10-11

By Eld. Sim Chee Seng

Clarity of vision. When you walk into a forest, what do you see? To many, they see lots of trees & foliage together with birds and animals. For the businessmen, they see potential for logging & wealth creation. For the conservationists, they seen a “green lung of earth”, precious greenery to be preserved & treasured for human wellbeing. And if there were natives living within the forest itself, they see it as their home and safety. As a believer, however, what do we see? For me, every time I walk in the forested areas of Pierce Reservoir, I praise God for the beauty and diversity of His creation. In meditation, I see His grace in every leaf, His love in every flower and His providence in every green tree (Ps 19:1)

When you walk into New Life Church, what do you see? What type of place is it? Is it an (1) entertainment centre, (2) a hospital, (3) a community centre or (4) a sanctuary? There are lots of people and lots of activities on Sunday. Do you feel you belong here or are you “lost” in the crowd? Are you worshipping or are you seeking to be entertained? If you are a believer and a member of New Life – how you see yourself and others in the Church is important and this will determine your involvement or participation in the body-life of the Church. If you think you are an “outsider,” then it does not matter if you are involved in the Church programme or not. However, if you are a member but choose to stay out of Church with respect to her ministry, then it would be of concern to us if you clearly understood God’s teaching on the Church where everyone belongs to the “body of Christ.”

As a Church we are to share, care, support and fellowship with each other. We are called to meet regularly and to exhort one another to provoke unto love and good works. (Heb 10:24-25) Yes, the Church has many problems. What else do you expect when sinners try to minister unto sinners? The good news is that Christ has died for us and the Holy Spirit is working in us to transform us into His likeness so that the manifold wisdom and glory of God may be made manifest through the Church (Eph 3:10). Apostle Peter says in 1 Pet 4:10 “As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” For His glory, the manifold wisdom of God enables us to administer His manifold grace to one another and to others. Without Him, we can do nothing. What a privilege and honour it is then to serve our God!

What does God see in New Life? What is His assessment of New Lifers? We have heard sermons on the 7 churches of Revelation in chapters 2 and 3. God’s word gave a very clear pronouncement of the state of these churches during the Apostle John’s time. We were told that the lessons of these 7 churches may be reflective of the state of the churchgoers and applicable for our instruction. Within the community of worshippers in New Life, are there some who have forsaken their first love for Christ (Rev 2:4), some undergoing trials and persecution (Rev 2:10), some compromising with the world (Rev 2:16), some trusting in false doctrines (Rev 2:20), some who are spiritually backslidden, (Rev 3:2), some enduring patiently (Rev 3:10) and some who are lukewarm in faith (Rev 3:16)? The word of God challenges us to listen to His truth, to agree with His diagnosis of our spiritual condition, to repent of our shortcomings and to return to His fellowship and blessings in humble obedience.


Call to worship & holy living. To breathe is to worship. If we should think deeply, we will realise that all our thoughts and actions are directed toward things that we worship – our professions, personalities, possessions, power and prestige. The amount of time and effort we take to seek after these things is a measure of the degree of our affection for them. Our actions reveal the treasures of our hearts. Pause and reflect – what is the first thing that occupies your mind in the morning? Is it your children, the stock market, your investment, work schedule, your beauty workout, the shopping list etc. How many will dare say that their first thoughts are about God and His righteousness? Yes, we know that God should be our only treasure, but alas how many of us live in the reality of this truth! How regularly have we allowed God’s truth to influence our hearts and minds? Our daily actions and thoughts often betray our open profession of faith in Christ.

There was a story of Mahatma Gandhi who almost became a believer except for “Christians” who pushed him away from the faith. He was deeply hurt by his experience with apartheid and “Christians” during his time in South Africa.  He was quoted as saying “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  Like Gandhi, how many people have been unable to see the Christ obscured by our Christianity.

So the call to pray for spiritual revival in New Life is timely. Let each of us review the sermons on What, When, Why and How of revival given by Rev Gan. Let us meditate on God’s truth and remember to apply all that has been taught in God’s word. Remember our theme verse this year is 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Let each of us take up the challenge to live a holy life – one that is set apart for the Lord. Let us be prayerful and watchful – mindful of the corrupting influence of self, sin and Satan. Let us read the Word of God – to grow in spiritual maturity and to wield “the sword” in countering doctrinal errors and false teachings. In obedience to God’s command, let us go forth and share the gospel with our friends, neighbours and community in view of His imminent return. Let us serve Him faithfully in the Church – exercising our spiritual gifts for the edification of the saints and provoking one another unto love and good works for the Kingdom of God. Remember this – all that we have (time, talent, health, wealth etc) belong to God. Remember by faith, Abel made a better sacrifice because he trusted and obeyed God.

Community of Grace. We thank God for working in the lives of New Lifers who have responded to the challenge to come for mid-week prayer meetings. We praise Him for renewed enthusiasm in many who attend the Sunday School, Joy Sunday, NBCs, and the various activities of the Church. Thank God for granting the Church a more stable state of affairs and a new sense of identity, unity and purpose among the New Lifers with a renewed desire to participate and contribute to the building up and edification of the Church. Praise God for gearing up the Church to elect a new Session in the coming ACM. As revival is a sovereign act of God, so we pray earnestly that God in His good time will grant a breakthrough in the revival of Newlife. Come O God, revive us for thy own Name’s sake. Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: let thy glory be above all the earth. Amen.

“Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the Lord will do great things.” (Joel 2:21)

Announcements (09 Feb 14)

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Feb 092014

J.O.Y. Sunday:All youths Sec 1 upwards are welcome to this youth programme @ the Chapel 11.30am. Today’s topic is: “Jesus Walking on Water” John 6: 16 – 21

Sunday School for Adults Class: Rev. Gan begins a new series called “Pastor’s Discovery Class”. The class will be biblical, thought-provoking and interactive. Please join the class! They meet at the Balcony this morning.

ACM and Triennial Election of Session2014 – 2017 (27/4) Nomination closes TODAY. The completed nomination form must be received by 12 noon.

Session Meeting:NEXT SUNDAY at 1.30 pm. in the Conference Room.

Children’s Choir: Kindly see the insert.

Car Decal: Please submit your application for a car decal by NEXT SUNDAY 16/2.

Combined Youth Programme (15/3): This is for the youths of all three congregations. The registration will begin next week.

YF 30th AnniversarySat 22/2 3.30pm @ Chapel. All fellowship groups kindly send fraternity greetings. Dinner provided. All are welcome.

New Life “In-conversation” THIS Sat 15/2

Do come and interact with beloved brethren. Let us come prayerfully and expectantly as the Lord does a new work in our Church. May we come with a positive attitude so that we can move forward as a Church.

The programme will be as follows:

  • 2.30 pm “Courageous” – A Christian Video @ Chapel

  • 4.00 pm “In- conversation” @ Fellowship Hall

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works

Hebrews 10: 24

09 Feb 14 – A Good Name (Ecclesiastes 7:1-4)

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Feb 092014

A Good Name (Ecclesiastes 7:1-4)

By Eld. Prasad

Ecclesiastes 7:1-4 “1. A GOOD name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth. 2. It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting (parties): for that is the end of all men (after all, everyone dies); and the living will lay it to his heart (so the living should take this to heart). 3. Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance (face) the heart is made better. 4. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth (pleasure).”

Vs 1 – A GOOD name is better than precious ointment;

Fine perfume was and is very expensive and a real status symbol in the ancient world and today’s world. Many people, both the young and old spend fortunes on designer perfumes. But such people do not give the same amount of attention to the developing of a good name or a good character. Sadly in today’s world it is generally considered more important to ‘look good’ than to ‘be good’. But when it comes to our dying day, what is it that will be remembered and appreciated? The good smelling expensive perfume or our good name? When we are born we receive a name, but at the end of our lives we would receive either a good name or a bad name. In fact, one’s name has the potential of being more valuable at death than at birth. The good in this case comes therefore at death.

Many of us visit the cemetery or columbarium during the death anniversary of our departed loved ones. As we look at the names carved in stone we recall the person for whom it stands. This kind of reflection on the lives of those who have gone before us can encourage us to evaluate the way we are living today. When people hear our name, do they think of someone who is faithfully living or who had faithfully lived for Christ? King Solomon said in Proverbs 10:7The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot, and Proverbs 22:1 – A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and Ecclesiastes 7:1 – A good name is better than precious ointment.

A solid reputation and loving relationships are high achievements. Honesty, integrity and generosity in life are more valuable than the most expensive funeral. Perfumes fade, but the aroma of our lives lingers on. By our attitudes and actions, we are creating the memories that will be associated with our names in life and in death. Today we have an opportunity to renew our commitment to Christ and to the making of a good name – a name that honours God and encourages those we love for years to come. A good reputation finds honour before God and men, and benefits us after death! Do you have a good name?

Vs 1b – and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.

The day of death is better than the day of birth. When we are born into this world we all go through some hard times – like falling sick, body aching, being cheated, going hungry, becoming lonely and other sufferings. These sorrows are temporal and will all come to an end when we die. Hence the day of one’s death is better than the day in which one was born as the day of one’s birth is the beginning of many sorrows.

But for the righteous, the day of one’s death is the beginning of eternal bliss (happiness in heaven)! They enter into peace and rest. They go to be with the Lord in heaven. They are blessed to be at rest from their labours, Rev 14:13 – Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

When you become a born-again Christian, you know that through death we will be going to a far better place than this world. Therefore our present life begins to be less attractive and death holds no fear for us. David in Psalm 73:25 – Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire besides thee. This is what Solomon sees and it is on the basis of this understanding that he continues to say in Vs 2 –It is better to go the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, and Vs 3 – sorrow is better than laughter.

What good do we learn in the house of mourning that we cannot learn from anywhere else? What good do we learn when we look into a coffin and see the lifeless face of a loved one or friend?

  1. We learn that this is as a result of the fall – Rom 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  2. We are made aware that life is brief and that eternity is forever.

  3. We are led to ask, “What have I done with my life so far? Will mine be a good name after I die?”

  4. Where will I spend eternity after my death – heaven or hell?

  5. We have the opportunity to repent or recommit ourselves in the face of death and in the light of eternity.

  6. We prepare for our own death: Every funeral prepares us for our own.

Vs 2b – For this is the end of all men; And the living will take it to heart.

The death of a loved one or friend must have a good effect on us, the mourners. In that sense no death must be seen as meaningless. Even when the worst and most hardened sinner dies, the living must take this to heart, and learn from this. If we do that, then a death day will be better than a birth day. There is more reality in the face of death than at a feast. There is a true story that happened on the Titanic. Life on board was a party until an iceberg got in the way. A wealthy woman found a place in the lifeboat that was about to be lowered into the icy North Atlantic. She suddenly thought of something she needed and so she asked permission to return to her cabin. She was given 3 minutes. She ran through the gambling room which had money all rolled to one side in ankle deep water. She reached her cabin and pushed aside her diamond rings and expensive bracelets and necklaces and reached the shelf and grabbed three small oranges and ran back to the lifeboat. Strange that 30 minutes earlier she would have chosen the diamonds, bracelets and necklaces and not the oranges. You see, death had boarded the Titanic and had instantly changed her values. Priceless things had become worthless and worthless things had become priceless. She preferred three oranges to all the jewelleries. Death gives us that sort of wisdom. Solomon’s conclusion is this:

Vs 4 – The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, But the heart of fools is in the house of mirth (pleasure).

Are you one who is unwilling to admit you are a sinner and stand condemned before the Holy God, laughing away as you spent your time seeking the immediate pleasures of life? If so, you need to visit the ‘house of mourning’ and acknowledge your desperate, sinful condition. Trust the Lord Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation. Then your foolish laughter will be turned into true joy.

If we believe these verses, we must accept that death must have its good points. We are familiar with the first death – the one everyone must face. This death terminates the physical life of every human being. The second death is due to the wages of sin for human beings. This death is our penalty for our sins and rebellion against God, Rom 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. And this death is for eternity. God does not want any of us to go through this second death. Instead God wants us to reject sin, and repent. This means we are to seek forgiveness and accept Lord Jesus Christ as our saviour into our lives. This is God’s gift of salvation and eternal life in God’s kingdom. However, if we reject God’s gift of salvation then we will incur the penalty of the second death. Rom 6:23 in simple English is: The wages of sin is death! Eternal death!

What will be really important to you when you lie on your deathbed? To the apostle Paul in Philippians 1: 21-23 he says that for him (Paul) living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. But to Paul if he lives he can do more fruitful work for Christ and he doesn’t know which is better: to live or to die. But he longs to go and be with Christ which is far better for him.

Dear brethren, it is not important how you look but rather how good your name is. Won’t you want to leave this world with a good name by which your loved ones and friends will remember? More importantly won’t you want to be sure that you will be going to a better place to be with God in heaven forever? It is not too late if today you come to God and confess you are a sinner and seek for forgiveness because Lord Jesus Christ has already died for your sins. Accept Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour and invite the Holy Spirit of God into your live to lead and guide you till God calls you home.   

Announcements (02 Feb 14)

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Feb 022014

Notice of Marriage: Bro Ee Chiang Wee and Sis Angela Goh have applied to the ROM for marriage to be held on 22 Feb 2014.  If anyone can show cause that they should not be lawfully married, please contact Pastor Lim Chee Boon.

Car Decal: Please see the application in today’s insert. Apply for a car decal if you drive.

Sunday School/ Catechism Class: There is none this week in view of the Lunar New Year. JOY Sunday is postponed to next Sunday.

New Life “In-conversation” on Sat 15/2 2pm: Do send in any questions you have to the church email.

Membership Roll: Please go to the office if you have not checked your data.

ACM and Triennial Election of Session2014 – 2017 (27/4) Nomination continues and closes NEXT SUNDAY 9 Feb. Nomination forms are available at the foyer and the office. Please drop your completed form into the box outside the Sanctuary in the foyer.

Pastors: Rev. Daniel Khoo finished his secondment to NLBPC’s Chinese congregation on 31/1. With effect from 1/2 Rev. Lim Chee Boon will return to pastor the Chinese congregation and Rev. Gabriel Gan will continue to pastor the English congregation. We thank Rev. Khoo for his faithful service to the Chinese congregation during his secondment and Life BP Church for their gracious support. May God continue to guide and bless Rev. Khoo as he continues to serve in the Lord’s vineyard. We thank Rev. Lim for faithfully pastoring the English congregation during the past months. May God bless him with strength and wisdom as he returns to pastor the Chinese congregation. We thank Rev. Gabriel Gan for joining us as the pastor of the English congregation from 1 Jan 2014. May God bless him with strength and wisdom as he continues to pastor the English congregation.

02 Feb 14 – Report on Mission Trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Feb 022014

Report on Mission Trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia 10 – 14 Dec 2013

By Pr. William Goh      


Our mission team consists of Eld. (Dr.) Paul Tsao, Dn. (Dr.) Ivan Lim and his wife, Sis. Amy Lok, and their two sons (Sean and John), Bro. Koh Kok Whye, Bro. Thomas Lee and his wife, Sis. Grace Chong, Mr & Mrs Alex Koh, Sis Roseline Tay and her son Bro Aaron Chua and myself.


The objectives of our mission trip:

1)       To provide dental care to needy people around the mission station. Volunteers have the chance to get to know the local village people.

2)       To conduct Vacation Bible School for the Sunday school students held in the mission station.

3)       To conduct two nights of Bible Seminar at the First Bible-Presbyterian Church.


10.12.13 (Tue) – We were encouraged by Elder Prasad who sent us off at the airport.

We arrived in Seam Reap, Cambodia according to schedule. On arrival we were greeted by Pr. Tann Heng and wife, Sis Channavy who is expecting. We were immediately transferred to the hotel. We engaged a local English speaking guide who was efficient and reliable throughout our trip.

We reached the mission station in the afternoon and got down to work. The dental team consisted of Elder (Dr.) Paul Tsao, Dn (Dr.) Ivan Lim, Sis Grace Chong, Bro Sean Lim and Bro Aaron Chua. Part of the job was to sort out the medicine that Pr. Tann Heng had already prepared beforehand.

The VBS team was led by Sis Roseline Tay. The rest of the team (Bro Kok Whye, Uncle Alex Koh, Mrs. Koh, and Sis Channavy) began sorting out the teaching materials required for the VBS lessons. The theme of the lesson was on God’s Creation based on Genesis 1:1-6.

11.12.13 (Wed) – The following day we arrived at the station at 8.30am. There were fifteen patients waiting for dental treatment in the morning and nine patients in the afternoon. Elder Paul Tsao took the first part of the session and Dn Ivan in the afternoon. The guide helped to interpret at the registration point while Pr. Tann Heng helped to interpret for the dentists while they treated the patients.

The VBS team held their classes in the morning. There were 14 children whose ages were 7 to 13 years old. These children were from the local village near the mission station. The children were taught bible songs and art and crafts. Mrs. Koh with the help in interpretation through Sis Channavy, spoke on the gospel of salvation consecutively for the next three days.  Sis Roseline Tay, with her balloon sculpting helped to make sure the young children are not restless. Uncle Alex Koh and Bro Thomas Lee played games with the older ones at the courtyard. The children enjoyed themselves very much.

12.12.13 (Thurs.) to 13.12.13 (Fri) – We were thankful we had another 25 patients on the 2nd day and 33 patients on the third. We had a total of 84 cases coming for dental treatment for both the adults and the children. We were also thankful that more children came to join us for singspiration. (Some brought their siblings who were below a year old.) On the last day of the mission trip, there were 20 more children who came from the Prenatte Orphanage. This group was well behaved and sang better than the village children. We were thankful that Sis Channavy helped to get the 34 children to sing together for the Christmas Gospel Night Rally.

While the team spent their nights touring around the picturesque town, I had the privilege of conducting for my first time a Bible Seminar for 22 Sunday school teachers from the First BP Church.  I taught two lessons on the topic “Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace” based on the Epistle to the Ephesians. The church pastor is Ps Timothy Thein, who helped and guided Pr. Tann Heng in establishing an evangelical outreach mission station in Siem Reap.  Ps Timothy is a trained preacher who graduated with a B. Re. from the Life University in Sihanoukville.

13.12.13 (Fri) Christmas Gospel Night Rally – On the last day of the mission trip in the evening, we organized a Christmas rally, a seated dinner about ten tables, for the local village people at the mission station. That evening the Chief Village Head, Mr. Khom and the Agape School Principal, Mr. Vuthy, together with their families came and attended the dinner. The children from the Prenatte Orphanage and the local village children together presented three songs in Khmer and one song in English. Elder Paul Tsao shared the Christmas gospel message and Pr. Tann Heng was the interpreter. It was encouraging to see the people willing to the listen to the precious word of God. After a sumptuous dinner, we met with Mr. Khom and Mr. Vuthy to tell them about our plans and evangelism at the mission station. We thanked God that Mr. Khom was glad to help Pr. Tann Heng in his work. He was also grateful to the mission team. He wanted us to come again.

14.12.13 (Sat) – We had a late check-out from hotel and went to the airport for flight back to Singapore, arriving at 10.30 pm.