Ju Eng Home


In 1999, a ministry was started at the Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens (JEH), a nursing home for the aged who cannot be adequately cared for at home. With Rev Lim Chee Boon as the Chaplain of the home, the Church provides voluntary spiritual, medical, and palliative care for both the residents and the staff.

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Rev Lim Chee Boon, at the helm, together with a team of faithful volunteers, organises various activities such as Bible-Study, Hymn-singing, and even a Worship Service, as part of the spiritual care programme, which runs throughout the week.

The Sunday English Worship Service has an average attendance of 50 residents, 10 staff, and visitors. The various fellowships and NBCs of our church take turns to support the chapel service. Other BP churches like Abundant Life BP Church and Mount Hebron BP Church are also actively helping in our effort to reach the residents and their family members, staff, and friends of the home.

Volunteers also provide Counseling and Befriending services to the home. As some residents do not have relatives and friends, or are not visited by family members over prolonged periods of time, they get depressed due to loneliness and the lack of news from home. We counsel these residents to make friends with fellow residents, showing them from the Bible that we can live to the fullest of life in the Lord Jesus Christ. Other times, we go to the home simply to talk and make friends with the residents. Our listening ears can sometimes be very effective in drawing these elderly people out of their recluse. We hope more church members could participate in this work of befriending.