Ushers Ministry


A review of its history helps us to appreciate better the significance of the ushering ministry. In the Old Testament ushers were called “gatekeepers.” Their ministry was so important that they were given living quarters at the Temple. According to 1 Chronicles 9, their duties included the opening of the temple every morning, the care and protection of all the precious vessels, the preparation of certain food items used in ritual sacrifices, and guarding the temple. By the time of Christ, these gatekeepers had become known as the “Temple Guards.” Early in Christian history, the ushers became “porters” (overseers of the doors). When the church faced persecution, the ushers guarded the doors and took note of those who came and went, always guarding against spies. Later, when Christians could worship in the open, they also rang the bells.

Today the ushers are the first official representative of the church that people meet when they arrive in church. The ushers are also usually the first representative of the church to provide visitors /newcomers with answers to their questions about the church and her ministry. We have a group of about 25 ushers led by Dn. Tan Wee Boon