Audio-Video Ministry


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The Audio-Video Ministry is instrumental in every worship service, function and wedding. Anything that deals with playing back sound or music may very well require their help.

The AV ministry is made up of a team of dedicated brethrens who arrive early every Sunday morning to make sure that the microphones are placed where they should be according to the occasion, the sound from the piano is amplified nicely and the speakers can be heard clearly from their pulpit.

The AV ministry welcomes anyone who would like to help out in this ministry. The wires and equipment require maintenance, repair and replacement as and when they become worn due to wear, or become faulty. Audio and video recording requires media to be purchased. If you wish to contribute specially to support this ministry, please make your offering indicating that it should go to PA fund.

If you would like to help out, please visit us after service at the AV room just behind the sanctuary.