Neighbourhood Bible Communities (NBCS)


Since 1992, the Neighbourhood Bible Communities (NBCs) have been set up to encourage members to seek spiritual growth through the study of God’s word, apart from regular Sunday worship services. Currently, NBCs meet in members’ homes for bible study. Usually the study is conducted as a discussion, with the Bible leader as facilitator. Members provide care for one another, and the NBC is a safety net for church members in distress. 

Marsiling NBC

Meetings: Monthly – 1st Friday of the month
Time: 8pm to 9:45pm
Venue: Church Second Parsonage or one of the homes of members.
Contact Person: Mr Joseph Ng
Leader: Rev Dr Gabriel Gan

Admiralty NBC

Meetings: Twice Monthly – 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
Time: 5 to 6pm
Venue: Rotating among members’ homes
Leader / Contact Person: Mr Steve Tan

Bukit Panjang/Northwest NBC

Meetings: Once Monthly – 2nd Friday of the month
Time: 8:15 pm to 10:30 pm
Venue: Rotating among members’ homes
Contact Persons:
– Bro KuaKok Leong
– Bro Sky Yeo
Leader: Dn. Tan Wee Boon

Yishun NBC

Meetings: Twice Monthly – Alternate Friday
Time: 8 -11 pm
Venue: Rotating among members’ homes
Contact Person: Bro. Mohan
Leader: Elder Sim Chee Seng